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Oku Community Forest Restoration Program:

In 2011, CAMGEW won the World Bank organised Development Market Place Competition organised in Cameroon on governance in the forest, health and education sectors. CAMGEW ‘s project is titled ‘Oku Community Forest Management for Benefit Sharing’. CAMGEW has nursed 7000 native treesof Prunnus africana this year 2012 that will be planted in the Oku Community forest in August 2012. This will go to increase the vegetation cover of the forest especially in sites that have suffered from bushfire. This plant is bee loving, economically valuable (medicinal) and good for watershed protection. CAMGEW hope to make this activity a regular exercise if funds are available. CAMGEW works in partnership with MINFOF-Oku, MINEPIA-Oku, Oku Council, Oku Community Radio and Oku Honey Cooperative Society.













Tree Planting Program:

CAMGEW planted 7000 trees of Prunus africana in the Oku forest. This is a native tree of this forest. The administrative and traditional authorities joined CAMGEW, other CBOs, Media, MINFOF and more than 80 community members to do the tree planting in August 2012. This tree planting was made possible with funds from the World Bank administered by Catholic Relief Services.

CAMGEW has been involved in tree planting in communities. Agroforestry trees have been planted in school farms to protect soil from erosion, improve soil fertility, provide shade to crops and serve as contours. CAMGEW engages in agroforestry to tackle food and climate change crisis. CAMGEW developed an agroforestry tree nursery of about 1000 trees. This is a bareroot nursery. These trees were made up of Accacia and Lucaena. The trees were distributed to women farmers to plant in the farms. The trees improve on soil fertility, reduce soil erosion, serve as shade and wind breaks and the wood used as firewood.



































Tree Nursery Development Program:

CAMGEW nursed native forest trees good for forest regeneration and protection of water catchments. In 2011, CAMGEW developed a 10000 tree nursery of Prunus africana in Kumbo. This tree nursery was developed with funds raised by CAMGEW members contribution. At the end of December 2011, the trees were ready for planting. CAMGEW is fund raising to plant the trees in one of the water catchments in Kumbo. If CAMGEW fail to get funds she will sell the trees to any organization or person that is interested.

CAMGEW is also engaging in developing nurseries on ornamental plants, fruit trees, vegetables like pepper and other agroforestry trees.

CAMGEW has another tree nursery of 7000 tree nursery of Prunus africana in Oku. This nursery is developed with funds from the World Bank to rehabilitate the Oku Community forest. The trees will be planted in this forest in August 2012 in areas burnt by bushfire. We need support to continue this project when it ends in August 2012.



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