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CAMGEW is a non-profit organization and has much to research on to come up with result-driven projects that will change lives and fight poverty and unemployment in Cameroon. Through research, solutions to society’s problems are found. Considering also that CAMGEW lacks the financial resources to cover all her financial cost, she relies on volunteers from within and out of Cameroon to make things work. We expect volunteers and researchers to join her in developing programs and projects that:

Empower poor rural people and promote demand driven participatory approaches to development;

Promote knowledge-sharing about rural poverty and food security among all parties in Cameroon (private sector, researchers, policymakers and civil society groups) to improve policy making and reduce rural poverty more effectively;

Strengthen women’s capacity to invest in sustainable land and financial management;

Promote programmes for children and youths that do not only help to meet their basic needs but inculcate in them respect for natural environment to sustain its beauty and enhance quality of life;

Promote a network of community-based learning centres for capacity-building and sustainable development that improves on livelihoods;

Promote the dissemination of existing environmentally sound technologies that meet energy (improved cooking stoves, solar, wind and hydro systems); portable water and agricultural needs of people;

Scale-up and/or replicate techniques that are environmentally friendly to improve on soil fertility and boost agro pastoral production;

Reduce greenhouse gas emission from deforestation and forest degradation in Cameroon and the role of conservation, sustainable management of forest and enhancement of forest carbon stock in Cameroon;

Develop programmes that will provide children and youths with facilities that will give them a better future;

Develop campaigns to promote sustainable energy development and rivers infrastructures in Cameroon.

CAMGEW believes that through partnership, networking and skill-share with other institutions, researchers and volunteers innovative and creative programmes and projects that can improve on lives of children, youths, women and communities will be developed. Nationally, CAMGEW wishes to encourage all graduates from professional schools and universities to engage in voluntary services to build their skills and get experience that will open them to the job market. We have the following Volunteer Positions:

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