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Support of Children: Children are a blessing from God. Every child needs to be given a better future. Children are innocent, vulnerable and dependent and must be loved and cared for. CAMGEW has a programme to support children in need to meet their basic needs like education, feeding, clothing, hygiene and sanitation through portable water provision. Through your widow’s mite we all can improve on living condition of many children in need. Please support them.

Fight against Poaching, Bushmeat trade & Wildlife Trafficking: Poaching and bushmeat trade are threats to biodiversity in Cameroon. CAMGEW has a project proposal to fight poaching, bushmeat trade and wildlife trafficking in Cameroon. Please contact us if you are interested to be our partner or to support us.

Protection of Mangrove forest: Mangrove forest around the Gulf of Guinea is gradually being lost. Human demands from this forest are already too high. The mangrove forest hosts an important biodiversity. It also serves as breeding grounds for aquatic organisms. CAMGEW is interested in working to protect the mangrove forest from destruction. Please contact us if you are interested to support or partner with CAMGEW to realise this project.

Weekly CAMGEW Radio Programme: This radio programme will be called « Action To Serve The Environment ». This radio programme to be carried out in a local radio that covers the Bui Division and its environs in Cameroon will cover issues like impacts, mitigation and adaptation to climate change; integrated organic farming; agroforestry; forest management; watershed management; pollution; waste management; campaign against the use of plastic etc.

Improvement of Waste Management in Kumbo: CAMGEW has a project to improve on waste management in Kumbo. Kumbo Municipal Council has started the collection of municipal waste. Municipal waste has increased in Kumbo over the years as population grows. The local council has been doing much to manage waste. CAMGEW wishes to complement her action through building the capacity of citizens and local groups on how to manage waste. CAMGEW will also promote organic waste sorting. Organic waste is good fertilizer for farms. Synthetic fertilizer has grown so expensive for the affordability of a local farmer. Going back to organic waste sorting as was practiced by the old generation could help maintain high farm yields and reduce waste. Please support to bring this change.

Women Economic Empowerment: Women economic empowerment through improvement of their agribusiness and farming skills. Many women in the rural areas feed the nation. They do so at their detriment because they lack agribusiness skills to sell their products at real market prices. Big businessmen come in with large trucks during harvest and buy at low prices. CAMGEW wants to empower them with agribusiness skills, link them to microfinance (women lack access to credit facilities), teach them food crop preservation methods (to enable them store they crops and release them to the market when prices are high) and teach them modern farming techniques. CAMGEW believes that this can be realized if women farmers are organized in groups.

Forest Resource Governance: Forest resource governance campaign in Cameroon. CAMGEW is interested in working to see that forest communities benefits from forest resources exploited from their forest. CAMGEW will also assist forest communities better manage their forest resources and protect indigenous knowledge that has been used to manage the forest over decades.

Protection of Wetlands: Wetlands are a great gift to humanity. CAMGEW has a project to protect wetlands in Cameroon. Wetlands are rich in biodiversity, a source of food for humanity and wildlife, a refuge for wildlife like migratory birds and a recharging zone for underground water. CAMGEW has a project to work on wetlands and build the capacity of people living around wetlands to manage them properly. Support us to protect wetlands.

Flower Collection, Nursing & Distribution: CAMGEW has a project to collect flowers, nurse them and distribute them to schools in Kumbo. In the past, all primary schools in Kumbo had flower gardens that had many flower species. School children were taught to recite names of these flowers. This was done in an outdoor environment and made environmental education pragmatic. These flowers no longer exist in many schools in Kumbo. Many schools lawns are seen now barren, promoting soil erosion. CAMGEW wishes to bring back this past glory to promote outdoor environmental education. Please help us realize this project. Please support >>>

Cultivation of Pepper: CAMGEW is interested in cultivating pepper. CAMGEW strives to be self reliant and not to depend on external support. Pepper crop cultivation has a good market inside and out of Cameroon. CAMGEW will be carrying out this activity while using the farm as a demonstration site for unemployed youths to emulate and earn a living. Money raise from this activity will in covering the running cost of CAMGEW.

An Agroforestry Nursery Project: Slash-and-burn of the already scarce forest trees for farming in areas in the North West region of Cameroon is rampant. CAMGEW has a project to promote agroforestry that will improve on crop yields while providing firewood and improving soil fertility and protect the forest. CAMGEW hopes also to create an agroforestry nursery made up of trees that could serve as firewood and improve soil fertility in farms. CAMGEW believes this will help protect the existing forest and give the opportunity for farmers to remain in the same farm plot. CAMGEW needs your support.

An Environmental Education Project: CAMGEW needs support to continue with her outdoor environmental education in schools of the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Children understand better when they learn in the field where they match theory with realities. Please support us to give children knowledge on various ecosystems (marine, freshwater, forest, savannah), their importance and the way they function.

Promotion of innovative Craft Work: CAMGEW sees it important to work with youths to promote creative and innovative craft work. Youths in rural areas where natural resources are still abundant suffer from unemployment and poverty. Their living standards could be improved if they produce works of arts and packaging materials from local materials like rattan, India and raphia bamboos, fibres from all types of plants, wood for carving, etc. CAMGEW will promote the use of bags and baskets made from local materials for shopping to fight against the use of plastic which are non biodegradable and non environmentally friendly.

Training on Compost manure, Organic farming & Agroforesty: CAMGEW wishes to teach school children and communities how to produce compost manure, organic farming and use agroforestry to improve on soil fertility in their farms. Agriculture is a major occupation of many Cameroonians. School children need to know how to improve on soil fertility without the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Future farmers of Cameroon need to be prepared today. CAMGEW hopes to use this method of agriculture in schools in rural areas where it is difficult to get didactic materials and pay teachers. CAMGEW hopes to see this farm outputs sold to help pay teachers and buy teaching materials for schools. This project will be in the North West Region.

Protection of Bannerman's Turaco: CAMGEW has carried out feasibility studies in Kilum-Ijim Community forest that host a variety of birds. She is interested in continuing with the protection of a bird called Bannerman’s turaco and its habitat. Many conservation institutions like Bird Life International have earlier worked to preserve this forest. This bird is endangered and endermic in the Bamenda Highland Forest Region. The Kilum-Ijim forest is the largest piece of montane forest that host this bird. This forest suffers from human encroachment for agriculture. This bird has not been found anywhere in the world apart from this region. The bird is going through threat as the montane forest in the region is cleared by the population for farming and who also engage in its poaching. The red feathers of the bird have a high cultural value and it is used to decorate notables and people honoured with traditional titles in the region. These red feathers are seen on notables’ caps. This has made the feathers of this bird to have high economic and cultural value especially now that the population of the region is growing and many people both young and old are scrabbling for traditional titles. There is fear that with the high population growth and a high quest for titles by the population living within and out of Bui Division these birds will be more endangered as people will go in to kill them for its feathers. CAMGEW has developed a project proposal to tackle this forest degradation and protect this bird. Please support us protect this bird and its habitat.

Assistance to the Girl - Child: CAMGEW is interested in protecting the girl child in Bui Division who is victimized by the society. Many of these girls from the rural areas are not given equal opportunities to education. Most of them are school dropouts and become single parents at teenage age. Some of them are interested to go higher in education but lack the means because their parents are poor. Some are sent as house helps in big towns where they are maltreated, work for long periods without pay and sometimes sent to the streets in foreign towns.They are vulnerable and open to the ills of our society. CAMGEW is interested in sensitizing parents and the public to give equal opportunities to children of both sexes. She has a programme to give scholarships and school materials to highly performant girls and the less privilege ones in primary and secondary schools. In this programme she plans to reinsert girls who are school dropouts and young single mothers to the society by giving them opportunities to learn trades like tailoring, hair dressing, traditional embroidery, cooking, hotel management, decoration, etc. CAMGEW will also make available all information on opportunities that women, the girl child and the society can exploit to improve on their living standards. Please contact us if you could be our partner or support us to realize this programme. Please support them.

Bird watching for nature’s education for primary schools in Kilum-Ijim community forest in Bui Division of the North West Region. This forest is known for its bird diversity. CAMGEW through bird watching with children in this community forest will instill in these children that spirit to love nature and protect it. Children will learn about the types of birds in the forest, what they eat, when they are active, where they stay in the forest, how they are use as indicators to monitor the health of the forest, how and what they can do to protect birds and the relation between the forest and birds in an ecosystem. Please support us in this bird watching for nature study project.

Production of CAMGEW Newsletter and Tracks: Production of CAMGEW newsletter and tracks : CAMGEW has envisaged a newsletter and track production that will carry information of her activities and information on opportunities that women, youths and grassroot communities can exploit to improve on their livelihood. CAMGEW will also use the newsletter and tracks to sensitize communities, carryout advocacy and lobbying that will help protect the rights and interest of women, children and society. It will also put social and environmental justice at the centre of development.

SUPPORT US: If you are interested in supporting CAMGEW you could contact us directly through telephone call or email. You could support us

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